Sunday, January 02, 2011

Zentangle T-Shirts for Christmas 2010

T-shirt for my Great Nephew Jackson or Jac-Jac.
T-shirt for my Brother, Bub.
T-shirt for my Newphew, Brandon.
T-shirt for my other Newphew, Kevin.
T-shirt for my Brother-N-Law.
T-shirt Dress for my Great Niece, Kennedi.
T-shirt Dress for my other great Niece, Kiara.
Front and rear view of my Husband's Dave's Kuda Shirt.
Front and rear view of my Father N Law's Silk Shirt.
Onzies for my newest Great Niece, McQuaela.
Close up of one of the Onzies.


Genevieve said...

Wow! You've been busy! These are wonderful!

Suzanne McNeill said...

I love these, just posted a link to Facebook Cookie, thanks for sharing.

Cookie said...

Thank you Genevieve andSuzanne for your wonderful compliments. They were fun to do. I got a huge break on being able to complete them when I realized the brand of liquid dye silk paints have a permanent fixative for an option of steaming them. I'm not set up to steam them, but one day I'll have the funding to invest in a steamer.

i am the diva said...

OMG! are those ONESIES!!?!??

so cute!! i should make one or two for my little guy! (Who's 3 months old tomorrow!!)

Cat said...

They are did you do them? I saw your comment that said you used liquid dye silk paints...could you share the brand? What type of brush did you use? VERY are an awesome artist!!!!

Cittie (Kettering, Ohio)