Tuesday, September 21, 2010


1st Zentangle Tile from the Small BeezInk Kit

Zentangle 101Class

Zentangle Tile 3
Zentangle Tile 2 turned for a different angle.
Zentangle Tile 2
Zentangle Tile 1
These are tiles from my Zentangle 101 Class. One of the tiles was photographed twice, but turned at a different angle just to see how different it looks.

Ensemble with 9 Tiles

Tile 9
Tile 8
Tile 7
Tile 6
Tile 5
Tile 4
Tile 3
Tile 2
Tile 1
Ensemble consists of 9 Tiles is used from a kit purchased from BeezInk.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tangle Pattern Tile Roof Top

I drew this pattern from a photograph I took of the Roof of an Indian Restaurant that opened up not far from where I live. Good food too if you like Indian Food. The Indian Restaurant I like a little better than this one where I live is the one in Alameda, California not far from where I work. This restaurant (Near my Home) has a neat looking tile roof that made a nice pattern.

Tangle Pattern I created

The idea of this Tangle pattern came to me of a Song I kept singing in my head call "Tore-Down" written by Stevie Ray Von, but he's deceased and he was well known for his Rock and Blues songs. I enjoy the play on words when thinking of titles for my tangle patterns, so I decided to call this tangle pattern "Tore-Up".

Tangle Pattern I created

This tangle pattern idea came from seeing this drain I pass by every day I go walking and I liked the pattern it has when drawn out.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Zentangle Journal

Back side of my Zentangle Journal.

"Me in Zentangle"

"All Heart"


"Different Worlds"

"Blackmoore in Zentangle"

Front Cover of my Zentangle Journal I created. I took up bookbinding 3 months ago to create a journal for my SWAP partner in one of my Ravelry Groups and used some PVC glue (for binding pages and books together) to bind my pages together from high quality 140 lb WC paper I had cut to 6-1/2x6 inch. I used glossy Illustration Board for the outer cover and the black end-cover is fabric with paper on the back for bookbinding.

Tangle Pattern I created

How I came up with this design? I got inspired from seeing some beautifully drawn female portraits on Flickr. I converted a photograph of myself into a photo copy black and white image and trace the light and dark segments onto my tangle pattern card. The scribbling I did to fill in the image reminded me of a single strand of my natural hair, so that's how I came up with the name of my tangle pattern, "Nappy". I'm planning on doing other family member's portraits in this method later on.