Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miniature Zentangle

Front side
Rear Side
This tiny zentangle will be worn as a necklace.

Zentangled T-Shirts

Side 1
side 2
When my Husband saw my yellow T-shirt, he was blown away and asked if I do one with a drawing of his electric bass going at an angle and Zentangles all around it leaving the tangle patterns up to me. That made it even funner to do. He asked one thing of me, if I add color to the neck of his bass. This bass actually has blond colored wood, but this was the lightest color fabric paint I can find. Hubby was beside himself when he saw the finished results.
Side 2
Side 1
The Yellow T-shirt is my very first one I ever Zentangled. I decided to design a yellow t-shirt for myself first. I used freezer paper ironed on the inside of the shirt in the areas I knew I was going to draw on, turned it right-side out and started drawing. I used a sharpie marker in both a fine and extra fine point. I also found a grey fabric marker to adding shading.

Zentangled Papier Mache Box

I purchased this 4" Box with a lid and painted it white gesso and gave it a day to let dry before I drew zentangles on the sides and top. I used a sharpie paint pen and dip pens. I'm amazed by those dip pens. I haven't played with those since elementary school and collage.

Zentangled Papier Mache Skull

I purchased a papier mache skull from Beverly's Crafts, painted it with white Gesso like I did with the Zentangled Box and drew Zentangles with a sharpie paint pen, dip pen and sharpie markers. The paint pen and dip pen works the best on an items primed with gesso. The sharpie markers don't work as well once you use them on a surface painted with gesso paint.

Friday, October 01, 2010


Here is one of the first small Mandela I created in my Zentangle Journal on the 27th of September.

Zentangle Challenge by Maria using one Tangle Pattern

Here is the Zentangle Challenge I did using the Betweed Pattern on Sept 28th. Sorry I'm so late at posting it. This drawing is in my Home Made Zentangle Journal I made.