Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eye Shaped Zentangle for Sandy Bartholomew

Zentangle Your Eye for Sandy. I drew this zentangle on a 4" square cardstock and mailed to Sandy Bartholomew to cheer her up while she recouperates from her eye surgery.

Zentangle Challenge by Linda Farmer drawing her name in Zentangle

This is my First Name in Zentangle in the same version as my Husband's David's name.

Zentangle Challenge of the Week by "I'mtheDiva"

Weekly Challenge No. 6 Ixorus

Friday, January 14, 2011

Zentangle Challenge by Linda Farmer drawing her name in Zentangle

This is one of the brainstoring idea my Husband thought of after I explained to him about the "Zentangle your name" Challenge Linda Farmer Thought of.
He drew a rough sketch of my name starting with the first letters really small and gradually sketch each letter larger as he got to the end of my name and had me divide the rest of the paper into the same number of letters in my name. I filled the remaining segments with the tangle patterns that began with the letters in the rest of the name and this is what I came up with. I used his name instead and he loved it! He was so thrilled when I used his idea.

This was another idea my Husband came up with by dividing the paper up with the same number of letters in my name, but sketching the first alphabet my name starts with and filling that letter with a tangle pattern that starts with the same letter my name and use the other tangle patterns that starts with the rest of the same letters in my name.
E-Elegance and

This is the first "Zentangle your Name" Challenge that Linda Farmer orignally thought of that I said I'd post using my first name, "Andrea".
N-Ninja Stars

These are fun to do and it's hard to stop!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cookie's Zentangle Journal

These are Zentangles I've drawn in my Zentangle Journal I made. This journal is 6" x 6-1/2" of pages made of high quality Watercolor Paper (not cheap). Each sheet cost me close to $ 5.00. The store I purchased the paper from has a nice paper cutter they let the customers use so all I had to do was put the journal together once I got home. 6" is my favorite size to draw the Challenges on.

Challenge by Linda Farmer, "Zentangle Your Name"

This challenge was definatly fun to do. I screwed up a little by using two different tangle patterns that start with the letter "C" since I was drawing my nick name "Cookie" in my first attempt with this challenge, but it still turned out nice. I've started another one with my first name "Andrea" which I'll be done with tonight.
I explained this Challenge to my Husband and he thought of 3 different ways to Zentangle your name or a word; One was draw an outline of the first letter of your name and fill it with a tangle pattern that starts with that same letter and surround that letter with other tangle patterns of your choice that begins with the letters of the rest of your name.
The other idea which I've seen was draw an outline of the letters in your name in string and fill out each letter with the tangle patterns that start with those letters.
He thought of another great idea, but I can't remember it, but I'm planning on trying his two ideas he thought of and running with it. I will have them posted when I'm done. My Husband has great ideas for someone with not a lot of artistic abilities and can't draw.

Zentangle Challenge of the Week by "I'mtheDiva"

Weekly Challenge No. 4

Weekly Challenge No. 3

Weekly Challenge No. 2

Weekly Challange No. 1_Love Bug

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Tangle Patterns

Tangle Pattern-Tree.
Tangle Pattern-Loopies.
Tangle Pattern-FishFace.

Zentangle T-Shirts for Christmas 2010

T-shirt for my Great Nephew Jackson or Jac-Jac.
T-shirt for my Brother, Bub.
T-shirt for my Newphew, Brandon.
T-shirt for my other Newphew, Kevin.
T-shirt for my Brother-N-Law.
T-shirt Dress for my Great Niece, Kennedi.
T-shirt Dress for my other great Niece, Kiara.
Front and rear view of my Husband's Dave's Kuda Shirt.
Front and rear view of my Father N Law's Silk Shirt.
Onzies for my newest Great Niece, McQuaela.
Close up of one of the Onzies.

Silk Scarves as Christmas Gifts Dec 2010

These are the 11 Silk Scarves I gave for Christmas Dec 2010. Three of them are 35" for my Mom, Mother N Law and a good Friend of my In-Laws. The 2nd 3 scarves are 30" Square for my 2 Sisters and a Cousin (who use to babysit me and my siblings) who's name got picked for me for Christmas Exchange Gifts and the other 5 scarves are 22" for my 5 Nieces, 3 young adults and 2 teenagers. These gifts turned out to be a big hit. Everybody couldn't believe I painted them myself. I got them done in time for Christmas, too.