Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Zentangle Animals

There's a group in Facebook that creates these beautifully designed animals, hearts, birds, etc. with non-photo blue lines to be filled in with tangle patterns.  I created the sheep pattern.  Making a collection of different template this group pops out with and will add more as I complete them.

Weekly Challengs 201 202 and 203 in my Orange Cover Art Journal

Weekly Challenge 201 
Weekly Challenge 202
Weekly Challenge 203


Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Dolly Sheep Pattern designed by Little Owls Pattern

The Black Sheep is made from Black Lions Brand Home Spun Yarn (body and upper part of legs) and the Face and lower part of legs are of Black crochet cotton.

The Grey Sheep on the left is made from a Grey Boucle' yarn (brand is unknown) and the Face and Lower Legs are from Gracie Cotton Yarn.  This yarn is so soft and both of them are so cuddly.

I love this Pattern.  The sheep are so cute!  The Yellow Sunflower on the black one was woven on a flower loom.

Art Journal with the Orange Cover with a collection of my Weekly Challenges

Here are the weekly challenges in my Art Journal with the Orange Foam Cover

I found these two art journal booklets at the Dollar Store and sitting here wishing I bought more.  The paper is nice a thick (not quite thick as Card Stock, but excellent paper to draw on.  The front and rear covers are made of foam.  The overall size of the booklets are 6" square.  I returned to the same Dollar store I purchased these, but no luck. 

Weekly Challenges in my Purple Journal

Here is a collection of the Weekly Challenges in my Art Journal with the Purple Foam Cover