Sunday, January 02, 2011

Silk Scarves as Christmas Gifts Dec 2010

These are the 11 Silk Scarves I gave for Christmas Dec 2010. Three of them are 35" for my Mom, Mother N Law and a good Friend of my In-Laws. The 2nd 3 scarves are 30" Square for my 2 Sisters and a Cousin (who use to babysit me and my siblings) who's name got picked for me for Christmas Exchange Gifts and the other 5 scarves are 22" for my 5 Nieces, 3 young adults and 2 teenagers. These gifts turned out to be a big hit. Everybody couldn't believe I painted them myself. I got them done in time for Christmas, too.


Genevieve said...

Love the colours. I can see why they were a big hit.

bajeanne48 said...

Hi Cookie,

Your Christmas gifts are stunning and obviously include a lot of love. I imagine the recipients were overwhelmed by the beauty and the amount of work.

Have you sent some of the photos to Rick and Maria? You inspire us all!


Cookie said...

Thank you bajeanne48. I'm glad everybody like these. They were fun doing as well as look at. I didn't send the photos to Rick and Maria, but I did post them in flickr. I'm in the Zentangle flickr yahoo group. Any time I post a new project, I make sure it gets posted in flickr, too.