Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bleed Through Art

The are 1st 4 BleedthruArt. Idea created by Molossus in the beginning of June. This is too fun.

Zentangle Challenge of the Week by "ImtheDiva"

This is my Weekly Challenge 26 called String Theory V.III - Spiral out keep going.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Zentangle Challenge of the Week by "I'mtheDiva"

I posted the Weekly Challenges for No 21 to 24 prior to this posting to Catch up. I attended a Back Strap Weaving Workshop during the weekend of Apr 27th thru May 1st and been practicing using a Back Strap Loom since is why I fell behind with the Weekly Challenges and didn't get the last 4 in time to post on Linda Harms slideshow.
Here is Weekly Challenge 25. I love Zendalas.

Zentangle Challenge of the Week by "I'mtheDiva"

These are Weekly Challenge Nos 21 thru 24 that I was too late to have posted on Linda Harms' Slide Show.