Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tangle Pattern Turtle-Love

Here's a new tangle pattern I created and posted it on Flickr under Freeform tangle Pattern.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tangle Pattern of more details instructions on Braided Rope

This is a more detailed drawing directions on the Braided Rope Tangle Pattern I published earlier.

Zentangle Greeting Card

The front of the card with the white letters that say happy birthday was unplanned, but it came out nicer than I expected. I had happy birthday written in script, then realized I left the letter "r" out of Birthday. Talk about dissappointed and a feeling of wasted time and materials. Then I took my paint brush, dipped it in my ink well and painted over the entire area you see black and covered the misspelled happy birthday. The ink didn't take long to dry and I pulled out a white Gel Pen and wrote "Happy Birthday, Mommy" on the front of the card. My Mom loves her birthday card. My Mom now understands what Zentangle is and appreciates how beautiful it looks.
The other photo is the inside of the greeting card.
I'm planning on designing some greeting cards for Christmas that I can print on the computer on blank greeting cards. I'm planning on a Zentangle Christmas this year.

Zentangle Silk Scarf in Color

This is Silk Scarf after I added color with silk ink dyes. The no-flow solution that you mix with the ink to prevent it from bleeding out of control was a god-send. Gutta would have been good to use too depending on the effect you wanted. That no-flow solution reminded me of thick mucus the way it comes out of the bottle. My Mom was blown away over how nice this scarf turned out. She wants to frame it and hang it on the wall above her flat screen TV. One more gift that became a hit!

Zentangled Silk Scarf

The first photo if the Silk Scarf was taken in a Panaramic View, but to be able to appreciate the entire scarf in view is going on flickr and viewing "Cookie's Crafts" and see the scarf in full view while spreaded on the back-rest of my couch. The other 4 photos are close ups of the zentangles. This scarf is 22" wide x 62" long. Birthday gift to my Mom for her 70th Birthday. The best markers to drawing on silk are "Identi-Pens" manufactured by Sakura. These pens have a double tip. the finer tips ran out of ink quicker than the wider tips on both of my pens, but I like drawing with finer lines when doing some tangle patterns.