Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Woodburning zentangle design done on a Cigar Box from the top view

Side 3 of the Wooden Cigar Box.

Side 2 of the Wooden Cigar Box.

Top view of my 3 Wooden Hand Spindles I made from wooden toy wheels and dowels. I spin my own yarns, too.

The top of the Wooden Cigar Box I woodburned Zentangles on.

Zentangle Drawing

I drew this Zentangle at Dick Blick Art Store while I was waiting for them to cut some chipboard for me.

Tangle Patterns I Created


Weeping W

Bad Air Day

Tangle Patterns I Created

Basket Weave Tangle Pattern

Fernz Tangle Pattern

Florez Tangle Pattern

Ft. Nite Lilly

Gigante Duster Tangle Pattern

Tangle Pattern I Created

Tile Octegon Tangle Pattern

Stoned Walled Tangle Pattern

Tangle Patterns I created

Stepin Stones

Snaylz trayl

Sliced Bread Tangle Pattern

Shrumes Tangle Pattern

Puddles Tangle Pattern

Tangle Pattern I created

Pickit Fintz

Hit a Rock Pile Tangle Pattern

Florez Tangle Pattern

Fernz Tangle Pattern

Zentangle 1 using the Milliande Template

Friday, August 06, 2010

First Zentangles Drawn in January 2010

This is my 2nd Zentangle design I did on black paper. I bought a 9 x 12" pad of black paper and I'm planning on filling it with Zentangles.

My very first Zentangles I ever drawn since I purchased the Zentangle 2 book at Beverly's Craft Store. The book alone, looks intriguing so I had to take a look, liked what I saw and the rest is history. I discovered Zentangle in the 2nd week of July, so I've been drawing Zentangle designs not quite a month.

The Black Background looks cool. This one is the first Zentangle I did with white ink on black paper.