Thursday, February 05, 2015

Weekly Challengs 201 202 and 203 in my Orange Cover Art Journal

Weekly Challenge 201 
Weekly Challenge 202
Weekly Challenge 203



HeidiSue said...

Oh, I love all of these! your work gives the eye so much to look at. The moebius syndrome tile...the eye is carried all over with such energy. The color choices in your colored tiles, and the textures in teh BW tile...just wonderful!

Cookie said...

Thank you, HeidiSue! Doing these Weekly Challenges sure makes up when Mondays rolls around. I've been doing the weekly challenges all alone, but wound up behind from other projects I needed to catch up on. I'm glad you like them.

Kay said...

You used Athitzi very well I like it. Also the other tiles are wonderful. I like the color choice in the first one.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Great tiles, all three!