Saturday, September 04, 2010

Zentangle Journal

Back side of my Zentangle Journal.

"Me in Zentangle"

"All Heart"


"Different Worlds"

"Blackmoore in Zentangle"

Front Cover of my Zentangle Journal I created. I took up bookbinding 3 months ago to create a journal for my SWAP partner in one of my Ravelry Groups and used some PVC glue (for binding pages and books together) to bind my pages together from high quality 140 lb WC paper I had cut to 6-1/2x6 inch. I used glossy Illustration Board for the outer cover and the black end-cover is fabric with paper on the back for bookbinding.


Elaine said...

I like your tangles.

Cookie said...

Thank you, Elaine. Still have more to post soon as I photograph them.